TerraTrace™ is an intelligent wireless IoT Edge Platform providing standardization and security from the sensor to the Microsoft Azure™ IoT Platform. The OpenWare™ mid-range wireless protocol (1,000 feet to 1/2 mile line-of-sight) offers a 4-phase commit. This 4-phase commit mechanism guarantees data delivery down to the last byte per transmission and goes well beyond the stability of other platforms making it ideal for mission critical, healthcare and industrial applications. TerraTrace™ includes an extensive line of power efficient OpenWare™ Sensor Devices, fully customizable to meet specific business requirements. OpenWare™ Sensor Devices are already integrated into the 60 most common sensor types and can be further extended to support over 10,000 additional sensor types. Long-range backhauling from OpenWare™ Sensor Devices to the Internet can be provided using cellular (GSM, CDMA, etc.), satellite (Orbcomm, Iridium, GlobalStar), or a Wi-Fi or landline connection. Intelligent (exception-based) sensor reporting models in conjunction with the TerraTrace™ server-side Portal functionality enables companies to control and monitor Edge sensor data in real-time.

How it Works

How It Works

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