PlayerMD™ PM (Performance Management)

PlayerMD™ PM (Performance Management), monitors an athlete's vital signs and other performance related metrics. The platform is designed to enable athletes to perform at peak levels throughout the season while allowing them to maximize performance and longevity in sports. A small sensor pack weighing less than 15 grams is inserted into a skull cap, head band or other personal gear to measure individual performance and biometric readings. PlayerMD™ sensor packs run for 400 hours on a single battery which means no recharging throughout the season. PlayerMD™ PM captures an athlete's heart rate, burned calories, blood oxygenation levels, body temperature, speed, acceleration/deceleration and total distance traveled during play. Additional features such as breathing rate and other metrics are also available. Coaches and athletic trainers receive Performance Alerts in real-time, via email and text messages, when certain performance thresholds are reached or vitals change so an athlete's overall performance can be monitored and improved over time. An athlete's performance data can also be used to help guard against overheating, fatigue and other related injuries.

Headgear and Sensor

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