Our History

Delivering Azure-Based IoT Solutions Featuring OpenWare™, the Only Production Hardened Complete IoT Edge Tier Commercially Available

Over its 15-year history, Archetype Inc. has focused on building and managing mission-critical, Internet enabled sensor-based systems for Machine to Machine (M2M) and now Internet of Things (IoT) implementations. The following are highlights of Archetype's significant experience in developing such systems:

2002 - Archetype Inc., was founded to build mission-critical, Internet enabled sensor-based systems under the brand name TerraTrace™.

2005 - Archetype worked closely with Siemens AG to develop M2M One, Siemens' premier M2M platform and precursor to the Internet of Things.

2006 - Archetype released its first GPS/GSM-based Sensor Device hardware series, which was approved as the reference architecture for Siemens Tier 1 customers the same year.

2007 - United Parcel Service utilized Archetype technology as part of an FBI sting operation to track drug shipments.

2007 - Archetype tested and deployed Sensor Device implementations in over 80 countries under Siemens' guidance to mature the product platform and harden for large-scale deployments.

2008 - Archetype was chosen by Siemens AG, as their Best-of-Breed M2M provider to deliver TerraTrace™ based M2M solutions for Siemens' Tier-1 customers.

2010 - Archetype began leveraging TerraTrace™ to focus on IoT-based initiatives as the industry's only one-stop-shop IoT Edge Platform.

2012 - Deployed the first internal OpenWare™ Sensor Device for DVM Systems to measure core cattle temperature, location, and other vital signs for monitoring health status. Production rollout was over 10,000 cattle.

2013 - Archetype launched the first OpenWare™ based consumer direct product offering, PlayerMD™ CM Edition for concussion management.

2015 - Archetype deployed the PlayerMD™ CM Edition to several major NCAA Division-I football programs including Auburn University.

2016 - Archetype certified entire OpenWare™ product line through the Microsoft Azure™ IoT Certification Program, making it the first complete IoT Edge Tier Hardware line to become certified under the new Azure™ Certification Program.